Accreditation Canada publishes Manitoba Health Success Story!

Accreditation Canada, an organization that “works with health care organizations to help them improve quality, safety, and efficiency,” has run an article on Manitoba Health and their Manitoba Lean Six Sigma Strategy Training: Green and Black Belt Networks, a transformation and training strategy that LTS designed and implemented together with Manitoba Health over the last four years. The snapshot or abstract of the article says that:

“This innovative practice addresses the need to support health care stakeholders in applying Lean Management throughout the Manitoba health system.  Established in 2010, this program fosters a community of participants that provide up to a year of mentorship for staff undergoing Lean training and a way for staff to come together to learn about and support each other’s diverse improvement projects.”

This article does a great job of showing the tangible benefits of the kind of ambitious, large-scale transformations that LTS helps our clients deliver to their clients. Early results for savings stemming from 12 of 23 rapid improvement showed these numbers:

  • staff time available to reinvest = 10,261 hours;
  • reduction in the number of pt bed days = 13,683;
  • increase in patient throughput (number of patients that can enter the system) = 1,129 patients;
  • supplies savings = $8,394;
  • 5S space savings = $5,952; and
  • financial resources re-deployable = $6,398,729