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Organizational Assessments

BJM & Associates has carried out organizational assessments and reviews for a diverse range of clients across Canada. We use a quality improvement framework as a standard approach to organizational reviews. This comprehensive method allows us to look through numerous detailed lenses. These lenses highlight what the organization is doing well, what they are leading in, opportunities for improvement, and what work they should simply stop doing.

In all our reviews, our consultants go to where the work is being done, regardless of location, to talk to staff in their environment. This seemingly simple approach garners the best and most accurate results by allowing the reviewer and people being reviewed to not only tell us what is going on, but also show us.

BJMA also implements a strong pre-visit communication plan, which includes “watch for” posters provided to all areas visited, so staff can ask questions prior to our visit. This ensures that any fear or misconceptions are alleviated. These steps allow for as accurate a picture as possible to be created for stakeholders.

We have found that by following the steps listed below, we can create the most comprehensive and relevant level of services:

  • Understand why the review was requested
  • Communicate the plan to key staff
  • Understand the policies, procedures, logistics, of the organization (on paper)
  • Understand through face-to-face interviews the reality of the work
  • Identify the strengths and opportunities of the organization
  • Match the findings to national best practice / opportunities

As part of the review, data will need to be collected. BJMA uses a team-based approach to help identify what needs to be collected, develop tools to do it, and guide and mentor the organization as it is being completed. BJMA focuses on developing a system that is easy for the frontline staff to implement, and can be seamlessly completed as part of their daily work flow.

BJMA is very skilled in data analysis, as all of our consultants are trained Lean Six Sigma practitioners, and can identify the appropriate analytical tools for the specific situation.