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What BJM & Associates Customers Say…

Recent (2018-19) client feedback:

“I really enjoyed the course material. Having an energetic and engaging instructor, such as yourself [Bonita], made the course even better.”

“This was the best training session I’ve ever been to in my entire life.”

“The course content was delivered amazingly. Overall I believe the group that attended saw a lot of benefit.”

“The instructor was great! She provided great examples and explanations relatable to real life situations.”

“I think this workshop can be applied to any job situation that is process driven to identify defects and improve efficiencies.”

“Course was great!”

“All aspects of the information are applicable to our work environment. Engaging and energizing. Positions staff to be successful as leaders.”

“Bonita was a great facilitator and responsive to everyone’s questions.”

“Bonita was energetic in engaging us, and used humour and relevant examples to illustrate her teaching points. Thank you.”

“5S was great – all of the content was relevant and valuable to my role. Identifying waste was also valuable.”

“Love the course – Looking forward to taking the next level.”

“I believe that having more staff trained in Lean Six Sigma/CQI will result in more efficient and effective health systems with improved patient care and staff satisfaction/staff retention.”

Other recent feedback:

“I would like to thank you again for a wonderful course. You are an excellent facilitator, Bonita, and it was an honour to learn new skills from you. I am looking forward to completing a green belt project in the New Year, but believe I am already applying skills learned in other day-to-day work.”

“The training surpassed my expectations.  The approach to learning the concepts – presentation, practice – and then actually applying them immediately to our own facility and issues is very powerful.  I could see why our process “fixes” in the past had failed…. The greatest ah ha moment for everyone was when we reached agreement on the problem statement and knew what we needed to measure.  We are fully in the process now and planning to send six additional people for yellow belt training.  The weekly calls keep us on track and help us to focus our resources where we will see the best return.  I cannot walk through the plant or an office department now without recognizing waste! Thanks for a great program.”

“Bonita and her team made it clear that we have tons of support. Having a group of people so passionate to see us succeed is very comforting and helps me to feel more confident moving forward.”

“I have been a participant in your training since 2009 and found their process to be the most effective I’ve ever been involved in. The hands-on support was excellent and the program is structured to ensure spread and maintenance in the workplace. You are always on schedule and your follow-up is exceptional.”

“Your staff were really easy to work with, the material was presented through various techniques, from practical to theory and simplified for all users to understand as well. Great job!”

“Just a short note to say that we would never (ever) have gotten as far as we did with Lean without your training, guidance, support and mentorship.”

“Thank you once again — this is the first time in my professional career I truly have a mentor and I will not let this opportunity go to waste.”

“You are the first company that has come by in a long time that recognized we are well underway in our Quality Improvement journey and adapted their model to where we were rather than having us start over at the beginning.”

“I appreciate the refusal to do ‘drive-by’ process improvement…”

“You made the five day training a lot of fun by incorporating games that helped me get a better grasp of the problems that we are facing at my workplace.”

“I wanted to send a note to express my sincere thanks for your expert, patient and very valuable mentorship in the design of your Green Belt Lean Education Program. In addition, I cannot find words to express the impact that this learning has also had on my entire life. The skills I have acquired have transformed to a lifestyle and a solid foundation on which to build new learning in every part of my professional and personal life. All the best …”

“The hands-on practice using the tools is so important. I cannot imagine being able to learn this content any other way. On-line learning is good but practice is essential.”

“The Executive Green Belt Course helped me to learn to better manage the Lean projects within our organization. Given the investment required of any organization that chooses to embark on improvement projects, the executive GB Course will help to ensure the best return for the investment of time and resources required. The course provides guidance regarding which steps to use to determine whether the project is on course, how to prevent some of the common barriers to success in a project, and how to best sponsor the team/ facilitate completion/success of the improvement event.”

“Extremely satisfied. Very hands-on!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Executive Green Belt course – it provided an opportunity to discuss linkages and connections across many elements of our work – performance indicators, evaluation, VSM, strategic objectives, alignment… the content was thought provoking, the dialogue stimulating.”

“We have had a great response to the expression of interest for green belt training, twelve applicants! This is almost triple what we have received in the past. You really made an impression!”

“Thank you, I have enjoyed the group and the learning… you have done a great job of making numbers come alive and have meaning.”

“Thank you for your support and mentorship during my Green Belt process. I especially appreciate your availability during the D-M phase and the late night support prior to the AI day. I also loved the walk through of all the agendas PLUS your extreme generosity with your materials and resources. Many thanks!”

“The mentorship received from you was pivotal in the success of my project! The one-pagers and templates are designed for simplicity and applicable to all skill levels of Lean/Six Sigma methodology.”