Success Stories


Facility / Organization

BC Ministry of Agriculture


30+ sites province-wide


We were contracted to design and guide a province-wide pilot program to implement Lean Six Sigma techniques, custom-designed for the BC greenhouse industry. This involved a large scale, province-wide implementation with 25 sites in multiple geographic regions in BC. As of 2018, we have completed a third contract to help the industry by providing training, mentorship, and on-site support for putting systems in place to handle business growth.

Project Work

The project began with our team identifying resources required to implement the Lean program and if the particular facility could free them up, and then identifying metrics that supported baseline understanding of potential opportunities; again the scale was province-wide in a large, multi-complex organization.

The project’s focus was helping organizations to increase their profit margin, create sustainability in the agricultural industry, and improve BC’s GDP. A financial measurement tool has been created and will be used for measurement in the current (second) wave of initiates.

We were also involved in:

  • Providing direction and guidance to the ministry for program design
  • Identifying if the facility was at the right time in their production cycle to support Lean and the work required
  • Assessing culture for change and sustainability
  • Determining if the facility had an organizational strategy to support a change initiative
  • Determining if the organization had leadership that would sponsor the change


We have been awarded multiple contracts after the pilot phase, thanks to the often dramatic outcomes in individual businesses. BC Agriculture sees this program as contributing directly to the economic health of the sector. We have worked with dozens of small to medium size food processors and food producers in the province, ranging from greenhouse operations to egg and meat processors.

Client Feedback