Success Stories


Facility / Organization

Processing Industry Business Development Branch


Camrose, Alberta, and other locations in Alberta


We were contracted to develop and deliver a one day practical workshop and resources to assist Alberta food processors and primary production companies in identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) for their business. These KPIs would be ones that drive results and contribute to business success. We also developed a pilot program to mentor six companies on the design and implementation of a performance management system within their organizations.

Project Work

Our team delivered the workshop and supported pilot participants with a mentorship program and a template for identifying business goals and proposed measures (KPIs) for each goal. We included information to distinguish key performance indicators that are relevant to the agriculture processing and primary production sector, as well as successful case studies, practice with the tools, and discussion, as part of the package.


The one-day workshop was considered excellent by participants. Among the six companies who participated in the pilot program, all saw it as adding value to their organizations, and consistently ranked the project with high marks (8-10 out of 10).