Success Stories


Facility / Organization

City of Ottawa


Ottawa, Ontario


The city of Ottawa had commissioned us to work on a series of process improvement projects. This project focused on improving how the city processes payments and housing credits for the vulnerable population. There are over 3,000 payments processed annually and the process had a variation of between two and fifteen days turnaround with a 30% rejection rate.

Project Work

Using Lean principles and methodology as taught by our consultants, the team created a new process while consulting with their client base to reduce the time to issue payments. Bonita Matushewski completed training over a series of contracts in 2016.


Time to issue payments went to a consistent maximum of two days from receipt of request to issue of payment / credit memo, and a reduction to 5% rejection rate.

We trained and supported the team lead and the team through the entire implementation process, with onsite mentorship during team days and improvement activities. LTS also produced a final report.