Success Stories


Facility / Organization

City of Saskatoon


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


We were engaged on a two year contract for a review of services and processes to find efficiencies within the City of Saskatoon, as well as improved service levels. Our consultants led the team that facilitated civil service reviews and internal processes to support and improve efficiency and effectiveness organization-wide.

Project Work

Two of the projects we worked on were a review of Saskatoon’s solid waste management process, and the design process and maintenance work flow for city parks. For waste management, the review covered areas such as:

  • Landfill to collection process
  • Equipment usage, maintenance, and replacement
  • Container usage/processes
  • Recycling strategy
  • Equipment maintenance processes
  • Organizational structure and reporting matrix
  • Staff overtime and reasons it was incurred

For parks design and maintenance work flow, the review covered:

  • Design process of parks
  • Maintenance and planting schedules
  • Reviews included engaging staff in the specific changes to build future capacity to complete system reviews internally.


Both projects were successful. In waste management, we worked with the City team to identify possible efficiencies and reduce the need for overtime. With the waste management project, efficiencies could be gained from reduced travel time and wear and tear on equipment by redesigning how the parks work is distributed among staff; work could be more team-based and multi-functional; and re-work for parks in new sub-divisions could be reduced through better initial design.