Success Stories


Facility / Organization

Saskatchewan Government Insurance


Regina, Saskatchewan


The Saskatchewan Government Insurance permit office issues permits for over-dimension, overweight, and specialized vehicles travelling in Saskatchewan. The permit office had approximately $2 million in outstanding receivables, and believed that improving the process could reduce receivables going forward. There was a concern that, as the volume of credit card transactions increase, the reconciliation of daily credit card transactions would put pressure on existing staff, or require hiring additional clerical staff as well as extend the wait time for permit requestors. A review of the process was expected to uncover inefficiencies and waste in the current process. The process covered over 140,000 issued permits per year.

LTS was brought in to help create a new, more efficient process.

Project Work

We trained and supported the team lead and the team through the entire implementation process, with onsite mentorship during team days and improvement activities. Our team also produced a final report.

Using Lean principles and methodology as taught by our consultants, the team created a new process while working with their customer base to reduce the time to issue permits, and also moving to a more secure payment process.


The increase in time to complete the secure payment process at SGI was offset by the reduction in rework and client follow-up, netting an overall reduction in processing time and the elimination of all outstanding receivables.