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How to Do a Gemba Walk

By Bonita Matushewski, BJMA CEO and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Near the beginning of any Lean project you always do a Gemba walk. Gemba is a Japanese word meaning the place of truth. A Gemba walk in Lean practice means walking to where the work gets done.

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Going Deep in 2018

By Maurice Mierau, BJMA Research Lead One of the best business books of the last several years has been Cal Newport’s Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. Newport may be best known, ironically, for a Ted talk he gave recommending that you quit social media.

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How Not to Become a Slave to your Email

By Bonita Matushewski We have all done this: as soon as your phone chimes, you grab it like it’s a baby falling off a chair

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