Bonita Matushewski, BA, Lean Master

Bonita Matushewski, BA, Lean Master

Bonita Matushewski, Chief Executive Officer of BJM & Associates, has over a decade of professional experience as a Lean Leader. She has worked with manufacturers, agricultural producers, educational institutions, government and the healthcare sector. Bonita has spoken nationally and internationally on quality improvement, holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, two university degrees, and a project management designation. Her career started out in government as a Senior Policy Analyst with the Saskatchewan government, because her goal in life was always to make a difference.  Eventually she joined the quality improvement industry where she worked until she was recruited into LTS Consulting, the company that evolved into BJM & Associates.

Since those beginnings, Bonita has proven herself as an entrepreneur and a leader in staff engagement, quality improvement, and in business transformations across Canada. She strives to help individuals gain a voice within their organizational systems. She has planned, managed, and monitored the entire life cycle of projects, keeping every one of them on time and within budget, on contracts that ranged in size from the low five figures up to seven figures. As a business co-founder and principal, she has presided over the growth of BJM & Associates, which began as a small, regional firm, and became a national company with annual seven figure revenues and a large public and private sector client base.

As a leader, Bonita has helped shape significant capacity building projects in quality improvement in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and PEI. She has not only trained hundreds of people in Lean methods, but has also brought about fundamental change in the efficiency and effectiveness with which organizations perform.

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