Allyson Friesen, LSS Black Belt, MA

Allyson Friesen, LSS Black Belt, MA

Allyson Friesen, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt consultant and Registered Professional Planner, has a unique and broad background, incorporating local government process improvement and corporate strategic planning experience in both operational and consulting capacities. She holds an MA in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University, Victoria, and a BPE in Leisure & Sports Administration from the University of British Columbia. In addition she has a diploma in public sector management from the University of Victoria, and is also a registered professional planner with the Canadian Institute of Planners in Ottawa.

An enthusiastic leader and teacher, Allyson has developed her expertise in strategic planning and implementation, process improvement, project management, training and facilitation, policy development and review, program evaluation, and organizational development throughout her career, including extensive experience with BC cities and municipalities. In addition she has worked in the healthcare sector with BJMA, providing one-to-one mentoring for trainees in quality improvement programs, and in adult education, where she was director of a registered trade college.

Allyson has the ability to quickly connect with clients and provide personalized leadership and mentorship to each individual, helping them to reach their end goals.

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